About JPY Distribution Limited

John Yardley and David Fox formed JPY Distribution in 2023 to handle the distribution, sales and support of our line of specialist software products..

JPY Limited was formed in 1990 by Dr John Yardley - previously a research scientist at the National Physical Laboratory where he did his PhD in speech recognition.

​JPY evolved from a consultancy into a “value added” distribution business, filling the gap in the market left by the “box shifters”.

​JPY has an enviable reputation in handling products using state-of-the-art technologies.

Software development and consultancy have continued to run hand-in-hand with distribution and have made JPY unique in this field.​

JPY currently represents manufacturers of over 30 software products, which are distributed through a channel of 100 specialist resellers.​

5 Great Reasons to Choose JPY

We’re well established

JPY started life in 1982, so we know what we’re doing. We know how to run a business and we know how to satisfy clients.

​And we move fast, keeping up to speed with emerging technologies and pushing them out to the benefits of our clients

An engineering approach

Anyone with a laptop can join the software business, but staying there requires know how, investment and stamina. We have these qualities in spades.​

We have a strict engineering approach to business - from the quality of our team, through our infrastructure, to the way we manage projects.​

We also keep things simple. No matter how complex a system is under the bonnet, at the end of the day it’s humans that’ use it. We obsess over writing software that is easy to use and understand.

Location, location, location

Skype, Google Hangouts, FaceTime… Yeah, whatever!
At some point we’ll need to meet face to face.​

We have a great location:
20 minutes from London city centre
30 minutes from Heathrow
40 minutes from Gatwick

​On top of that we have a large meeting room, a car park and a pub next door!

Size matters

Our team is 10 strong. Small, but very strong!​

Small and strong is good. Every day we dumfound people by having real humans answer the phone and every human we have counts. It’s not a numbers game - it’s a people game and after a week of dealing with us you will appreciate that.

We’re well established

We sell software. Some of that software we distribute and the rest we build from scratch.​

But whatever we do, we do it for you! Literally!

​Every piece of software we deliver will be designed to fit into your business like a glove.

​Oh and by the way, we don’t do hardware sales or support. We’re specialists in software. Software that works around you!

So choose JPY...

The benefits of working with JPY are clear, so call us now.​

The number is...​

​020 8390 8487